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Dec 26 1996 Search Warrant

Dec 27 1996 Search Warrant

Dec 29 1996 Search Warrant

Jan 5 1997 Search Warrant

Jan 30 1997 Search Warrant

March 6 1997 Search Warrant


1997 January 1 – Ramseys on CNN transcript

1997 April – John Interview with BPD transcript

1997 April – Patsy Interview with BPD transcript

1997 May 1 Ramsey Press Conference transcript

1998 June – John Interview with Smit and Kane transcript

1998 June – Patsy Interview with Haney and DeMuth transcript

John Ramsey Depo for Stephen Miles Oct 20. 1998

Larry King Live March 27.2000

March 2000 – Ramseys on Barbara Walters transcript

2000 August – John Interview in Atlanta transcript

2000 August – Patsy Interview in Atlanta transcript

2001 April – Ramseys National Enquirer Interview

2001 December 12 – John Ramsey Deposition




Ransom Note


True Bills for John and Patsy


French Dec 26 1996 Report

Linda Arndt Jan 8 1997 Report


PRESENTATION:  Chief Kolar discussing his book, 2012


[Oct 25] Family Attorney on Ex-Boulder DA’s Subpoena 

[Oct 25] Brother Out to Clear His Name

[Oct 23] Former Ramsey DA cites Hawaii trip in Bid to Avoid Defamation Case Subpoena 

[Oct 18] JonBenet Brother Urges Investigators to Release Files

[June 30] Boulder DA:  New DNA Tests Completed 

[June 1] High-profile forensic psychiatrist, Steven Pitt, killed

[Jan 5] Judge Won’t Dismiss $750 Million Defamation Lawsuit


[Oct 10] Westword:  Inside John Ramsey’s Lawsuit

[Oct 10] John Ramsey files lawsuit against CBS

[March 8] Detroit:  Burke in Court for Spitz Civil Suit 

[Feb 22] Brother Burke accused of attempting to silence those who believe he murdered sister 

[Feb 1] JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Storms Back to Court After Crime Expert [Spitz] Who Accused Him of Murdering the Pageant Princess Defends His Claim as ‘Free Speech’

[Jan 4] JonBenet Documentary Acquired by Netflix


[Dec 29] People: JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Sues CBS for ‘Extraordinary’ $750 Million Over Docuseries

[Dec 28] 9News: Burke Ramsey Files $750 M Suit Against CBS, experts in JonBenet Special

[Dec 27] 9News: Special Program: DNA in Doubt

[Dec 26] New DNA Testing Planned

[Dec 25] People: 20 Years Later, the Mystery of Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey on The Day After Christmas Endures

[Dec 23]“I’ll tell the whole world” Boulder Prosecutor’s Bombshell Claim

[Dec 20] Radar Online:  Inside the Basement

[Dec 16] Daily Camera:  Ramsey Grand Juror Welcomes New DNA Testing, Discusses Reasons for Indicting Parents

[Dec 16] DA Says Former Prosecutor Erred with Letter Exonerating Parents and Brother

[Dec 16] Grand Juror Who Saw Original Evidence in Case Speaks

[Dec 16] Behind the Murder of JonBenet Featured on People Magazine Investigates

[Dec 14] Radar Online:  Crime Scene Video Footage

[Dec 13]  CNN:  A Case That’s Captivated the Country for 20 Years

[Dec 7] Lin Wood Says CBS Lawsuit Coming Soon

[Dec 2] Werner Spitz Responds [to lawsuit] in Court Filing

[Nov 3] 7 News – Mysterious 911 Call Made from Ramsey Home Three Days Before JonBenet’s Body Found

[Nov 3] Mystery 911 Call Days Before JonBenet Murder

[Nov 3] Decoding the DNA

[Oct 28] Westword – JonBenet Ramsey Investigation: Distorted DNA Part of Ongoing Cover-up?

[Oct 28] New York Times – Shocking DNA Twist in JonBenet Ramsey Murder

[Oct 27] Daily Camera – DNA in Doubt:  New Analysis Challenges DA’s exoneration of Ramseys

[Oct 7] Burke Ramsey Sues Investigator [Werner Spitz] Who Says He Killed JonBenet 

[Oct 6] JonBenet’s Father Hits Out Against Burke Murder Theory:  ‘It’s Nonsensical’

[Oct 5] The Father of JonBenet has Revealed What Happened [KIIS 101.1 Radio interview]

[Oct 4] Shock Claim Burke Ramsey Killed JonBenet – But with Different Weapon []

[Sept 27] ‘JonBenet’s Mother: Victim or Killer’ Joins Lifetime’s TV Movie (Begins Nov 5)

[Sept 27] Lifetime Releases First Trailer for ‘Who Killed JonBenet’

[Sept 25] Burke Ramsey Offers to Take Lie Detector In Bid to Prove Innocence

[Sept 21] TV Shows Explore Shocking New Theories on JonBenet

[Sept 19] Ramsey Investigators’ Secret Trip to Asia

[Sept 18] Patsy Ramsey Quotes About JonBenet That Show Another Side of the Infamous Case

[Sept 16] How The Case of JonBenet Ramsey Perfectly Recreated the Ramsey House and Crime Scene

[Sept 15] Dr. Phil Defends JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Burke for Smiling During Interview:  ‘It’s Purely From Anxiety’

[Sept 13] John and Patsy Ramsey’s 1997 CNN Interview Left JonBenet’s Dad Regretful Years Later

[Sept 12] Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s Brother, Breaks Silence in Interview with Dr. Phil

[Sept 9] How to Stream Dateline’s JonBenet Special

[Sept 9] Dateline to Air JonBenet Ramsey Special

[Sept 9] JonBenet Ramsey’s Killer Was ‘Sexually Sadistic,’ Detective Says in New Dateline Special

[Sept 9] Burke Explains Why He Didn’t Leave His Room After Her Murder

[Sept 6] Inside CBS’s Full Size Replica of the Room Where JonBenet Died

[Sept 3] Why the JonBenet Ramsey Case is Still Fascinating 20 Years Later

[Sept 1] Meet the Investigators Working on the JonBenet Ramsey Case [for CBS special]

[Sept 1] Police Chief Says ‘We Will Not Give Up’

[Sept 1] JonBenet Father Relives the Ordeal:  We Were the Victims of a Lynch Mob

[August 30] Burke Ramsey Recalls the Night JonBenet Ramsey was Murdered “I know People Think I Did It”

[August 29] What the JonBenet Ramsey Case Would Look Like in 2016

[August 17] Watch Compelling New ‘Case of JonBenet Ramsey’ Docu-Series Trailer

[August 17] Is the JonBenet Ramsey Case the Next 90’s True-Crime Obsession?

[August 17] The New CBS Docu-Series Trailer

[August 11] The Clue in the Autopsy that Makes a Case Expert Suspicious:  ‘Someone Isn’t Being Truthful’

[August 10] Lifetime Order JonBenet Ramsey TV Movie   

[August 10] Justice for JonBenet?  A New Look at the Evidence and the Suspects  

[August 10] JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery to be Reopened for CBS Docuseries, ‘The Case Of’  

[August 2] JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Breaks His Silence Nearly 20 Years After His Sister’s Murder 

[August 1] Weinstein Company and National Enquirer Aim to Beat CBS With Their Own Docuseries  

[April 8] The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case is Getting a TV Show  


[5/25/15] Boulder Police Chief Opens Up Then Regrets It

[12/14/14] How the Investigation Got Derailed 

[10/25/13] Grand Jury in 1999 Sought to Indict JonBenet Ramsey’s Parents

[10/23/13] VIDEO:  JonBenet Investigator [James Kolar] Talks to CNN

[10/13/08] Finally Exonerated in the Murder of his Daughter:  John Ramsey’s Lingering Suspicions

[7/10/06] Patsy Ramsey Loses Her Fight [People]

[5/3/04] Websleuths – National Enquirer:   Pam Archuleta May Have Seen Killer

[10/1/02] Searching: The Detective.  Smit Changes His Mind

[10/19/00] Justice, Boulder Style:  Steve Thomas [from Westword]

[2/29/99] What I saw at the Feeding Frenzy [Boulder Weekly]

[October 1997] Missing Innocence: The JonBenet Ramsey Case [Vanity Fair via bardachreports]

Video of Patsy prior to her death

Hard Copy February 1999

Walking Down the Spiral Staircase

Aphrodite Jones Clip

Patsy Ramsey’s Own Pageant Clip

Patsy Interrogation Clip with Trip DeMuth and Tom Haney

Patsy on CNN 1997

Full Transcript of the Jan 1, 1997 CNN Interview

Ramseys End Their Silence May 1997

Barbara Walters Clip from 20/20 in 2000

Grand Jury Indictment

Larry King Clip from 2000

Det Steve Thomas Resignation Letter

Det Steve Thomas Deposition

The Bonita Papers

Anderson Cooper with John Ramsey 2012

Patsy 2001 Depositions

John 2001 Depositions

[May 2001] Experts Dispute Stun Gun Theory

[7/15/97] Autopsy Report Details JonBenet’s Brutal End

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