First Review of VANITY

VANITY: Jodi Arias– Is a must read for anyone who followed this tragic case!

By Paige on May 27, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
VANITY is one of the most comprehensive books written about the tragic relationship between Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. Even though I had followed the trial of the convicted murderer and also read nearly every book written, I still learned more about the dynamics between these two people that I hadn’t known before.
The writers have delved deep into the psyches of both Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. They share such insight into what we viewers and readers couldn’t quite understand–How this relationship between two people came to such a horrifying end.
On June 4, 2008, Jodi Arias butchered Travis Alexander with such absolute fury and savagery. At first glance, Jodi Arias seemed too meek and mild to have carried out such a heinous crime. Then, she confessed to killing Travis Alexander. It was still hard to fathom. I know that I was really watching her “interviews” with any media outlet who would give her the air time. Each time I watched I wanted to try to understand why. Why in the world did Jodi Arias kill Travis Alexander?!? What could make a person do such an evil thing? Was she possessed by an evil demon? I really wanted to understand.

With this book, VANITY: Jodi Arias, the authors Lisa Wilson, and Nick van der Leek, have answered some lingering questions I have had.

Case in point, one question I have had is why did Travis let Jodi inside his home when she showed up on June 4, 2008? Since reading this book, the answer is crystal clear.

I’ve read all four books in this series, and I thought this one was the absolute best. I look forward to reading their next book. Highly recommend this book!!

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3 Replies to “First Review of VANITY”

  1. Travis was like many other men, Mormon or not, he could not resist the uncondition kinky sex with no strings attached that Arias was so willingly giving him. It is not difficult to understand how Travis allowed himself to be with her again at his home after she took his journals, hacked his email, facebook , msg accounts, and slashed his tires 2x, She was far more manipulative that he ever was, He was at a point in his life where he had no girlfriend ( that is why he played the field with so many woman during this time frame (after Arias left Mesa and Mimi hall and Lisa were not interested in him)t. She had him addicted and he had no woman who was interested in giving him ‘no strings attached’ sex .. To me, this is a typical case of an obsessed partner who ‘begged’ to see her victim “one last time” to make up for her stalking, damaging and betraying behavior. Travis fell for it like many others would and she moved in for the kill as she had planned it.

    1. Hi Ruthy,
      I agree with you on a few of these things, but not all of what you mentioned. I spent weeks going through a ton of new communications from Travis and cross-referenced them to a number of other communications, and the picture that emerged of both Travis’ and Jodi’s life/relationship was pretty haunting. It’s not as simple as a single guy wanting sex. It’s a little more complicated and unfortunately, darker, than that. But no dispute at all that Jodi was obsessed, and angry, and burned, and vindictive. He played with fire with the wrong person.

      1. The one that was very haunting and complicated was Jodi. Look at Travis’ ex-gf’s , none of them felt ‘used’ or abused, they knew when it was time to leave the relationship and did so without stalking, hacking him. When Travis started to see another girl while Deanna was on her mission, he wrote to her telling her about it. I do not see a ‘pattern’ of Travis’ so called darker side before his later days with Arias. The many communications you read from Travis may have actually been written by Jodi, as she had access to all of his pswds. For example, she sent emails from Travis’ acct to herself and must have done so to make it appear as if he sent it. Where are all of Travis’ earlier journals from before she left Mesa? Why did she steal them and destroy them? granted Travis was not a saint, and yes he did say kinky stuff but she was far more ahead of that. Remember, he did not stalk her, he did not slash her tires, he did not follow her around on her dates, and he did not steal her journals or her personal accounts…so who was ‘haunting’ “sneaky’ and the biggest liar on earth??

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