18 Replies to “Oscar and Reeva: The Final Weeks”

  1. You really do get an impression of 2 Oscar’s – the private crybaby boo boo, all needy and sensitive, and the public big shot/asshole. Maybe he thought he could land a bigger leading lady if he just kept his public options open long enough.

  2. On not being able to keep up payments & having the house repossessed.
    23 Jan 2013 Reeva to OP: That’s the worse thing that can happen here

    14 Feb 2013: …

  3. Interesting the last two major “public – social” events both ended on sour notes for Reeva, with Reeva complaining of being unfairly treated by OP:
    a) 27 Jan engagement party of her best friend
    b) 7 Feb Virgin Active Sports Industry Awards
    In both she texts afterwards that she was attacked by OP. In both she suggests others have advised her against being with OP. In both she suggests OP sees these events as a form of publicity for himself and that he gets angry and possessive in that she is not behaving as he expects her to behave on such occasions.

    How can Judge Masipa disregard those texts – they were linked with major social – public events. The state should have emphasised the SIGNIFICANCE of these texts – the defence said they were two or so texts out of several thousands. The state should have emphasised that these texts were linked to major social events and reflected what went on in them. This makes them far more significant than everyday chit chat.

    And yes – Valentine’s Day IS ALSO a MAJOR social – public “event”.

    1. Absolutely, Jason. I agree! And did you notice that twice in her tweets from Jan 23, she says YOUR home… Not theirs. That new house was not for the both of them as OP testified at trial, it was for him.

  4. Have I got the chronology right for their relationship?

    Meet early Dec at Sports Awards dinner

    Stander then testified that RS looked after OP`s house for a week sometime that same month

    They then spent Xmas alone together?

    1. They first met/went to sports awards on Nov 4.

      Reeva did house-sit for OP between Xmas & Dec 31.

      Their Xmas interaction is very muddy from multiple sources but it appears that they spent some time together either Xmas eve or day, not sure how much time, and he left for Cape Town on 12/26 I believe. Reeva met up with him, Justin & Samantha G in Cape Town on New Years Day.

      1. Their relationship seems like one of convenience for me, and their messages can be read in that context. All that boo boo and baba and.kisses were just try to make up for the fact that beyond the physical attraction, there wasn’t much else. Reeva’s damning message about the state of their relationship is really just highlighting how little they actually know each other.

  5. I am not a member of websleuth because my email address was for some reason not accepted. Then I found this blog which was actually better in presenting pictures and testimony and order etc.

    Anyway apparently a Mr Fossil has posted some of Reeva’s Whats App message as a file and a MsMarple has posted the following:

    Fri 18 Jan 2013
    03:27:06 54991 “Reeva to OP”: Morning angel just woke up to go to the loo. I’m sorry you’re feeling down L and on the night I have the worst signal and pr craziness! …

    So here we have Reeva calling OP at 3:27 am in the morning to tell him she had just gone to the lavatory. So here we have one example of OP being informed that Reeva goes to the toilet around 3 am in the morning – less than one month before he shoots her around 3 am in morning in the toilet …

  6. It’s interesting to look at her tweets from before she met OP up until 14 February. Before OP, there aren’t so many of the sad tweets/tweets where she’s defending herself to someone. After she met OP, there are more of the sad/defensive tweets. Here are a couple of ones from November/December 2012 (the early days of their relationship):

    Reeva Steenkamp @reevasteenkamp • 28 Nov 2012
    When someone makes a big mistake & is evidently wrong but turns it around to make you feel like the wrongdoer. That.

    Reeva Steenkamp @reevasteenkamp • 3 Dec 2012
    I’m so disappointed in myself today,more than anyone else. I never learn from the past. How do you grow if you never learn? #sadheart

    Reeva Steenkamp @reevasteenkamp • 29 Dec 2012
    I am who I am by the grace of God. Nothing more. Nothing less. If He can love me as I am, then so should you I guess. – Me

    I don’t know whether any of the above tweets were Oscar-related, but that last one (29 December) seems to be aimed at someone specific.

    1. 2 more:

      Reeva Steenkamp @reevasteenkamp · 7 Feb 2013
      When it takes you an entire day to try and compose a fitting response, a lacking one at that, rather leave it. It’s just substandard.

      Reeva Steenkamp @reevasteenkamp · 8 Feb 2013
      Before you lift a pen or raise your voice to criticise, acknowledge people’s circumstances. You don’t know their struggles. Their journey.

      The first definitely applies to Oscar. The 7th was a day they argued.

      1. Reeva articulated herself well and seemed very assertive – it’s such a pity she didn’t listen to her intuition.

        OP was no match for Reeva intellectually. I started to read through his tweets and messages as well, but they were just so boring and dumb that I gave up.

  7. So in the pic at the Sports awards that must be the “Fix that wanted a photo with me” which caused Oscar to be late and get angry with Reeva.

    It does seem from the messages that she forgives him awfully quick after each fight.

  8. Aside: This is a report of the British man who bludgeoned to death his fiancé in the bathroom of a Parisian Hotel. He claimed he had no recollection of what happened and argued it was nonsense he would intentionally have killed her. It was found he had spent 6 hours cleaning up afterwards leaving a do not disturb sign on the hotel room door, before leaving in his sports car. To this day he claims he is innocent of knowingly killing her and says he can’t remember anything. A text by the fiancé a week or so earlier said he was pressuring her to take an overdose of tablets.


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