FUGITIVE: Oscar Pistorius

Did Oscar get away with it?

What were Oscar’s intentions?

Did the Court incorrectly apply the principles of dolus eventualis?

Available on Amazon this week… FUGITIVE

fugitive-tifThat Reeva screamed as loudly as she did and that this still wasn’t able to save her, even after death, is deeply unsettling isn’t it? Those screams have been silenced. Despite several witnesses coming forward, two at some risk to their own needs for privacy, despite these witnesses testifying to the same ‘bloodcurdling’ screams, the Judge decided to dismiss their seemingly inconsistent evidence. The Judge – a woman – also silenced those screams. Some of Oscar’s nearest neighbours claimed never to have heard a woman screaming in the first place. Oscar’s gardener, who lived on the premises, disappeared and apparently hasn’t been seen since. Did he hear anything? Would he tell anyone if he had?

In the seconds immediately following four deafening blasts, as her final shriek swam into the night and floated towards the concerned face of Dr Michelle Burger, Reeva must have felt a sense of drowning. Drowning in a toilet, dying in a man’s house, losing her precious blood and her precious life over cool, hard unfeeling bathroom tiles, Reeva was forced to leave a precious world just as she was starting to really enjoy it… It is in her excruciating desire to live that Lisa and I have found her voice, and in a sense, our own.

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One Reply to “FUGITIVE: Oscar Pistorius”

  1. The ‘bloodcurdling’ screams heard by the Burgers and the Stipps were AFTER the shots that killed her. This was proven by the timeline that the defense put together. That means it could not have been Reeva screaming, but it was Oscar’s panicked shrieking voice when he realized who must be behind that bathroom door. I do believe that he should have been found guilty of 2nd degree murder, as he intented to shoot and kill whoever was behind the door and there was no imminent threat facing him.

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