TRANSCENDENCE has arrived…

Has Oscar Transcended justice? This is the question at the heart of this narrative.

The problem is stated in the initial chapters courtesy of retired high court Judge Chris Greenland. A two hour interview with the Judge is analysed here and used as a jumping off point.

On September 12 Greenland tweeted: “I join the whole world in lamenting this travesty of justice. The Court failed Reeva.” We lament because it is yet another failure of the courts.

But what about Reeva? And if justice is not to be found when the world is watching – as it has with the biggest story in modern media history – where do we find it? How do we find transcendence not in the afterlife, but now, and not just for Reeva, how do we achieve Transcendence – on a daily basis – ourselves?

As in the previous narratives, South African photojournalist Nick van der Leek takes the reader on a deeply personal journey – a physical, mental and spiritual journey – in search of justice, in search of answers and in search of Transcendence.

Juror13, who for the first time writes under her real name – Lisa Wilson – provides painstaking analysis, insights and personal perspectives from California.

Together van der Leek and Wilson weave an intricate story which may catch the reader off guard for its sheer power and ability to transport. This is the 6th book in the Series.


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12 Replies to “TRANSCENDENCE”

  1. Lisa: It is good that you have begun writing and publishing. Starting is the major hurdle and you are now over that hurdle. As others have mentioned the way you have meticulously collected the published data on the case, ordered it and presented it has been very helpful. I am not sure about copyright issues and issues of quality as regard reproduction of images (photos of the crime scene etc) but that is / will be an important component in producing a helpful book summary of a case. I suppose things like Heads of arguments should also be introduced or maybe referenced to a website linked to the book that could be downloaded to.

      1. Hey Jason, thank you for being such an active participant on this board. You always keep the conversation interesting and I appreciate that! There will be more books ahead. They are very different than what is out there now, as we are branching out in to much broader and deeper societal topics. We hope you find them thought-provoking. If you do, please share them with your friends.

  2. Eileen as far as I’m concerned Lisa’s best work is in the last chapter of Revelations, where together her and I build a compelling scenario for what happened that night. There’s also great analysis in Transcendence from Lisa on Masipa and Judge Chris Greenland’s views on her verdict in terms of the letter of the law.

  3. Thanks so much for all your hard work on the Pistorius trial.. very interesting! I am thrilled to see that you will be following the Jodi Arias trial now. I subscribe to your blog so will be looking forward to your posts. Thanks Nick, I will go back and read again.Thanks again to both of you.

    1. Hi Eileen,
      So glad to hear you’re interested in the Jodi trial. I look forward to our discussions! I’ve been adding stuff to the archive each day… with lots more to come. Have a good night.

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