Excerpt #2 from FUGITIVE

From the chapter A Prisoner in Your Own Skin


Oscar Pistorius is a product of the modern era.  He did not form a strong identity ever [I mean an authentic identity] and as such, found himself consistently having to defend and reconstitute his persona.  At his zenith, at the London Olympics, Oscar was already a broken man, undone by a much richer, much older rival outbidding and out buying his beloved.  Oscar didn’t want Samantha Taylor at the Olympics as much as she wanted to be there, because he wanted the freedom to play, to play the playboy.  When he got to London he found himself in a cacophony of loneliness, a maelstrom of manipulating the media and pretending to be someone else.  There was no intimacy, there was no genuine love.  His love was in Dubai, and Oscar was lost.

Oscar’s version of the masculine man is the opposite of an alien from Krypton, who also desperately wanted to fit in.  Kal-El, aka Clark Kent, created a persona, a bumbling, bespectacled, mind-mannered reporter, because that was the Kryptonian’s take on the human condition.  Frail, flawed, weak and nerdy.  Oscar’s take was…

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by GH2006, August 23, 2015 – 5 Stars – “Another excellent book by Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek”

“Another excellent book by Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek. This book uncovers the background and psychology of Oscar Pistorius, well-researched and insightful. Peppered with personal anecdotes of what is it like growing up in South Africa and living there today. This book gives the much needed back drop of life, sports, and politics in South Africa which has produced a murder trial full of so many twists and turns. A must read for anyone who is interested in the murder case of Reeva Steenkamp.”

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