#RS Excerpt 2 – A Visit with Barry


An excerpt from the chapter:


Coming together as a community, in times of need and in times of grief, is a beautiful thing.  It restores our faith in that thing…the human spirit.  It lives in others and it lives in us.  It can be a resilient thing, phoenix-like, invulnerable and yet able to disappear and reappear in an instant, almost like magic.

As resilient as we are as human beings, there are moments in life when we just can’t make it on our own.   Moments of brokenness steal on us sometimes, and it’s then that we realise we need each other; we need to stand together, to lift each other up and be loud with our ideals in one collective voice. 

Yesterday, Twitter user, Sandy, and her husband, Denver, traveled to Port Elizabeth to meet Barry Steenkamp and delivered to him a beautiful card of condolences from people around the world.  It was a lovely moment that she wanted to share with all of you, via this audio below and further details in the book.

Barry was clearly very touched by this gesture. It’s a true testament to

the power of togetherness and the power of love.

holding hands

We left smiling and felt privileged to have met Reeva’s Dad, a gentle, friendly soul and also very kind… Meeting Barry reminded me of my late father. I can talk about my Dad now, but cry each time.  I was his ‘Treasure’.  I make the most of each day and enjoy it with Denver, who has loved me since I was a teenager…


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