April 13, 2015

Today was a good day.

Which seems like an incredibly odd thing to say when it’s in reference to the sentencing of a killer.  Even though we came here in unity to see that justice was done, today really wasn’t so much about Jodi as it was about us.

Today was about resiliency.  Today was about humanity.

better things are coming

We see it far too often, the destruction of life.  And in this case, the absence of any form of decency.  And for seven years, the Alexander family has quietly endured.  And people have come together in friendship to support them.

More than anything today, what I felt was love.


But resilience doesn’t come by simply wishing it into existence.  It requires being down in the trenches and being brought to your knees.  Nobody is immune from those moments in life.


Being out here today, so many people shared their own personal stories with total strangers.  They talked about darkness and despair and the desire to rise above.  There’s something beautiful in the ability to see someone else’s heart.  And I don’t mean the happy, positive stuff.  That’s too easy.  I mean seeing what’s real; the vulnerability and the scars.

And then accepting them exactly as they are.  Appreciating their realness.

begin again quote

That was my favorite part of today.  Not Jodi being driven away in a van.  Although, that does bring peace of mind.  The best part of today was connecting with other human beings who care about this world.

There will be a time very soon when I also write about my impressions of the case.  When I’ll put on my Juror13 hat and I’ll share with you my thoughts about what was said in court today.  And believe me, I have quite a few things to say.  I am however sharing my photos of all that happened today, both the good and the bad.

But right now, I just feel like writing about restoration.  I feel like focusing on new beginnings.  Doesn’t that seem like a good place to start?

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5photo 1courthousepress12

photo 1   photo 1J4T photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 52015-04-12 23.00.44


2015-04-12 23.00.52front of courtJ4T2J4T3JW & MDLR


photo 5photo 3Sandyphoto 4press2

Perryvilleperryville   state prison signphoto 5 Jodi sentencingja sentencing 5

ja sentencing 4jodi-thumbja sentencing 3photo 4

photo 2 photo 1         ja 15 ja 14 ja 13 ja 11 ja 10 ja 9 ja 8 HillaryTanishaphoto 3

2015-04-13 18.37.37 desert    desert2 desert4 desert5 desert6 desert7 desert8photo 2

#Justice4Travis #Authenticity

6 Replies to “April 13, 2015”

  1. Nice thoughts there Paul. You are the best. The angled picture made me smile, it makes Juan look tiny and Troy Hayden look like the jolly green giant. 🙂 Funny how perspective distorts things isn’t it. Like the interview included, for example.

    Keep doing what you do best and we will be here waiting for it!

  2. Restoration is the best place to start Paul. Take time to digest all the thoughts, feelings and images that we all have witnessed along the path we followed. Thank you for sharing this with us now. I look forward to you will share with us in the future!

  3. Beautiful post, and great pictures Paul Sanders! Can not wait for your final posting from the LAST day of trial!!!

    1. Hi Judi… thx for your message but I’m not Paul Sanders 🙂 He’s the 13th Juror MD and I’m Juror13. I know, it’s confusing. Many people have mixed us up during the Jodi trial. I’m a fan of Paul’s as well.

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