[#RS SLIDESHOW] I Dreamed a Dream…

Today is a wonderful day for all of mankind. For the first time ever, we landed a space probe on a moving comet… truly a mind-blowing feat and a dream come true, not only for the scientists involved, but for all of us too. The profound significance of this is that we are going back to our roots, as far as we possibly can, to study our creation.

The best way to move forward is to understand where we have been

The incredible irony in all of this happening today is that Nick and I are just wrapping up our book, #RS. Being true to ourselves, it has been a heartfelt exploration of our dreams and the dreams of the world… the ones that we have realized and the ones that we have not… yet! All of it done in honor of Reeva and in honor of the dreams that she did not get to complete. So today we acknowledge both the darkest and the brightest parts of life… The end and the beginning

Never forget to dream…

and never forget to DO

And never let your dreams… just be dreams.




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