13 Replies to “Oscar Trial – Judgement Transcript”

  1. I think Nel relied too much, for whatever legal reasoning, on the assumption that the judge would find OP’s testimony unreliable and far fetched. Too bad he didn’t read the various blogs and press some extremely relevant points to really annihilate OP’s version.

    1. I would absolutely love to see an interview with Nel that partially addresses his strategy. I was a believer in it. I would love to ask him what he would do differently. He could very well say nothing, and I wouldn’t blame him. The case was clear as day to me.

      1. Hi Lisa,
        this is really the crux – even when we think – maybe because Masipa reprimanded Nel a couple of times, the state wouldn’t have proofed the evidence beyond ..ect – that Nel might have made somethings better – Masipa ignored & dismissed so much of the plausible evidence!
        Feels like whatever Nel would have achieved to proof – she might have ignored & dismissed that as well!
        E.g. the ammo-charge: Rens handed in the list of the ordered guns (if I remember that correctly) so it was an evidence OP intended to buy a 38 gun. & Masipa says: State did not proof intent!
        It’s an exhibit, the list! What else should state have done when Masipa chooses to ignore evidence as it quirks her?
        An interview with Nel would be so interesting!
        And I wonder, if Masipa thinks twice about her verdict?
        Thanks for all your work!
        Regards, Alfred

      2. Yes, Nel is brilliant… perhaps too brilliant that some people don’t follow his train of thought and reasoning. I would have like to have seen him prove that the cricket bat sounds came first and then the gunshots as to me this seems like the most likely scenario and all witness evidence that the judge disregarded would have fallen into place.

        Maybe I watch too much CSI but due to the nature of the last shot to her head, Reeva would have been dead for 20 minutes before he carried her downstairs if we go on his version (as someone else pointed out in earlier comments) and surely body temperature and blood flow would have aided in establishing this. Not sure what Dr Stipp said or could have said re this if asked? Or even an attending paramedic on the stand could have shed some light? Or, did I miss something that proved she only died while being carried down the stairs?

        Either way, he still fired FOUR well placed shots of deadly ammo into a CLOSED door!

  2. Ms Annette Stipp who stayed in the same complex as the accused, about 80 metres away, explained that she heard three sounds that she thought were gunshots. A few minutes later she and her husband, Stipp, heard someone crying out loud and a man shouting for help’ From the transcript…Sorry judge, this is either a typo or you did not get Ms.Stipp evidence correctly…She heard a “woman” voice SCREAMING not crying out loud…and Anette did not hear the helps , it was Dr. Stipp that heard that as he ended his attempted call to 10111!! she misquoted the evidence…is this a basis for appeal??

    1. She also said that the sunroof incident happened on 30 September 2010 whereas I remember it being 30 September 2012. The trial was a shambles from the interpreter unable to interpret to the Court being adjourned because Roux’s witnesses weren’t free that day. Masipa has chosen the only verdict which doesn’t carry a mandatory custodial sentence so I think we can guess what the punishment will consist of.

  3. i have just reread masipa’s judgment and noticed that she changed ‘the time annette stipp said she woke up and heard what sounded like gunshots. masipa said the time (3:00) must be wrong because the stipps would have acted more promptly and not waited so long to call security. she could not change the call time so she just adjusted the time a.stipp heard the sounds!!! (from 3 to 3:12 or 3:14) In her summary she said we cannot rely on witnesses but happily we can rely on technology!!! (strange thing to say, since trials rely on eye/ear witness all the time) But she and the defense altered and tampered with an important witness testimony to fit ocar’s version!! IMO THIS IS HUGE. The implications are enormous because the truth of what really happened has been buried and the lie has. been given a huge boost. (i am not saying this was her motive).

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