Interrogation Tape 3

01:00 JA: I wouldn’t hurt Travis. He’s done so much for me.

01:05 DF: There’s so much evidence in that house. So much… and it all points to you.

01:11 JA: I…I lived there. I was there for months and months and months.

01:17 DF: Mmm Hmm. I know you took pictures of him in the shower, just before he died.

01:31 JA: I don’t think he would allow that…

01:32 DF: Mmm Hmm…and the camera actually took a couple of photos by accident during the time he was being killed.

01:42 JA: Really?

01:43 DF: Yeah, Jodi, really! You were there! Quit playing this game. It’s time for you to just come out and tell me…

01:52 JA: I didn’t…no…I did not hurt Travis. I did not hurt Travis. I wouldn’t do that to him.

02:09 DF: We have the pictures.

02:21 JA: Can I see the pictures?

Available on Amazon….  AUDACITY

A narrative that explores the brazen nature of a cold-blooded killer.

How does somebody like Jodi Arias come into existence?  Time and again, we are surprised by the evil that exists in our world.  Why are we so easily deceived? And what imminent peril faces us when we lead double-standard lives?  Come with us on this journey and take a deeper look into the world of Jodi and Travis…

Audacity Cover



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