Jodi and Travis, May 26, 2008 – Transcription of gmail chat

 Jodi Arias

The May 26, 2008 Gmail chat between Travis and Jodi has been transcribed in chronological order.  This conversation is discussed in our new book, MENDACITY:  JODI ARIAS:  Secret Witness, available now on Amazon.

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JA and TA May 26. 2008 Gmail Chat Transcribed

27 Replies to “Jodi and Travis, May 26, 2008 – Transcription of gmail chat”

  1. Speaking ONLY to their relationship…

    I just read all the texts and, frankly, I think they’re both crazy.

    Who in the world would keep up that back and forth, ad nauseum?

    Don’t know the date on this as I’m typing but the minute she acted weird, from the very first minute they met, he should have started the countdown, three strikes and she’s out. ( Same goes for her and for any of us in new relationships, especially.)

    1st time: May be a mistake. Let it go
    2nd time: Red flag, beware
    3rd time: Strike, she’s out. Period. Immediately cut off ALL communication.

    That was one f***ked up, toxic relationship that they both chose to participate in.

    4th time: happens after things are over

    ** Research online EXACTLY what to do in such cases and DO it! Some…
    whether you stay or whether you move, do it at that next place…

    – Alert police, with photo of person, request that they drive by your residence on their “rounds” – they will, even in huge cities like I live in.
    – Change locks, add more.
    – Install burglar bars on all windows
    – Security cams / security system
    – Install bright outside lights
    – Install video/intercom so never have to open the door.
    – Don’t open door for ANYONE for any reason, unless you know who it is and are expecting them. Have them call when they get there so you know it’s them. Still use video intercom before opening door.
    – Change phone number(s), block her number(s) and texts.
    – Change all passwords.
    – Password protect ALL accounts credit cards, utilities, internet account – everything.
    (You just call the companies up and tell them you want to password protect. No problem. Why? My ex/harrasser stalker called the gas company and shut of my service in the middle of winter time. Had there been computers at the time **, I would have beat him to the punch. He’s gone, I STILL password protect everything.)
    – Close Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts in a fake name, open new ones with new password and strictest setting.
    – Warn friends not to engage, to de-friend and/or not friend her.
    – Change the route you go to work every day.
    – Alert your work
    – Call a cab or Uber and pay the driver a good amount of cash simply to walk you to and from your door.
    – (Hire a “bodyguard” if you have to)
    – Get a couple of huge attack dogs. Train them.
    – Install electric invisible boundary “fence” around your property for the dogs
    – Redirect all US mail and package deliveries to a Mailbox rental place
    – Alert UPS, etc, where to go, Change setting so they hold every delivery.

    There are MANY more ideas online.

    Doesn’t sound like much of a life?
    You’re right but at least you’d give yourself the best chance of HAVING your life.
    AND you may not have to do it forever.
    I still do because why not?
    It’s not that hard or weird once you’ve made the basic changes and get used to them.

    1. I think there are two elements working here. One, looking at Travis Alexander as an individual and Arias as an individual. From the beginning of this trial, it was evident to me that the frame with which the defense was coming from was in and by what Arias conveyed to the defense team. None of which could be verified for authenticity…her words often fit the context of her journaling however, the deception was in how Arias made situations, lies and truth, come together.

      If one listened closely, one could detect discrepancies both great and small. My first consideration to this was in the defense/Arias portraying a one sided argument when in fact, there were large gaps in the context of what precipitated text or email content between Arias and Travis. I was immediately drawn to the fact that these were her words only as to how the texts and emails evolved.

      One perfect example is in this gmail messaging. Arias very cleverly avoids saying exactly what Travis wants her to say, the truth. She continues her charade of double talk until she works him into talking on the phone! That immediately tells me she is avoiding putting anything in writing. Absolutely NO ONE knows the content of that conversation, correct? That’s how Arias worked. With deception. Obviously Travis took the bait and agreed to speak with her on the phone. And to me, the ending of this lengthy dialogue left me with chills. During Arias’ testimony on the stand, she often spoke of phone conversations and to that, she could say anything she wanted to about what had taken place…point – when Arias headed to Arizona to murder Travis, she claimed he was looking forward to her coming. There isn’t any documentation to support that.

      I believe Arias is a psychopath. Travis detected something in her and often in this gmail he eludes to her evil ways. But he also admits to being “addicted.” That does not make him crazy, Arias was making him crazy using sex as her weapon, for both good and bad. I realized in this gmail that he truly did love her but found her behaviors unbelievable and he notes, he took her back time and time again… you would have to understand him to know why…and I do understand him. His anger within his self spoke to that, he forgave her each time, gave her the benefit of doubt, until she proved him wrong once again. Think about that, she proved him wrong over and over. This is what she created by her actions and words.

      What you wrote about dealing with a stalker, I’m sorry you had to go through that. But I think this is a different breed of terror than what you dealt with and I’m not trying to minimize your frustration for the situation you were in, but clearly, if you’ve never dealt with a psychopath before, you’ve no idea how they make you question yourself…lies and sex, Arias used every trick in the book. All Travis wanted was the truth about everything that came out of Arias’ mouth. Well, if you saw the trial and followed through…everything Arias said was a lie. Oh yes, there were elements of truth, but those were woven into the lies. That’s what Travis dealt with and it’s likely he didn’t know if he was coming or going.

      Next to Ted Bundy, I believe Arias is the most dangerous female psychopath, ever, in history. And in no way could I blame Travis Alexander for being in the situation he was in because I am sure as rain, the day she slaughtered him, that first stab had to be more painful than any word she’d ever said or any other act she ever did as a means of revenge…and every stab thereafter as he fought for his life to the near decapitation and onto the bullet in his brain…no one in their right mind would ever think she did not want him to suffer until he took his last breath.

      1. One in every 25 people are psychopaths according to the professionals. And she is a textbook one that murders.
        When we or someone we love…may not see what they are doing while they are doing it, but by providing this text, and looking at how a psychopath operates…it could save lives.
        I honestly believe Travis loved her very much..or he would never have put up with the things she did…and they are not all listed here.
        He refused to marry her because of the hell she put him through…not because he did not care for her.
        The problem with her…enough was never enough. She did not want Travis. She wanted to consume him…control him and force him to live a life worshiping her…If he did that, that still would not have been enough for her.
        I agree 100%, Getting him on the phone is where she can work her magic. Her lies are locked in if she writes it…..
        I also believe she enjoyed watching him suffer every brutal stab wound, etc at her hands.
        I just hope many read this and recognize it when someone is manipulating another to the point they cannot think straight and stops giving in to the psychopath because of sheer exhaustion.
        You cannot reason with a psychopath, you cant make them happy…you cannot change them. The more you give, the more they demand.
        For anyone who is in a relationship and this looks familiar to you…avoid them at all costs. But that will also be the most dangerous time when they know you are cutting the ties. You do not need to tell them you are cutting the ties, you do not owe them but have things in order to protect yourself. That is something to take up with a local LE…someone who patrols around your neighborhood, etc.

    2. I’ve always thought strike one should have been when she showed up at his house at Christmas time. She was specifically told “see you tomorrow” and “no room for you here”. Then she barged in announcing herself as his girlfriend to a room full of strangers (his friends/associates). She needed to have been escorted outside, told in no uncertain terms that she was not re-entering the house, and sent on her way.

  2. I agree with everything you have written. Reading this text approx. Week before she murdered him was very eerie. Yes this relationship was as toxic as can be. They both had reasons to not be with each other but chose to continue. They both definitely used each other and what a tragedy all around. I of course don’t believe what Jodi did to Travis would ever be a justification for their tumultuous relationship. It

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! Sadly, Travis lost his life, but 1000s could be saved from those who are in similar relationships…or those we love are.
    We are much more likely to lose our lives, or sanity, to someone we know rather than a stranger.

    This interchange between the 2 of them is very telling and helpful when you know someone in a similar relationship…it could save their life.
    Many times the ‘giver’ cannot see all the times they have forgiven and the manipulation of the ‘taker’ to pull them back in.
    From the sound of this, Jodi did some very bad things, most of which she isnt denying, just distracting.
    …”I think you would choose a dollar bill over my life”…
    That sounds like she has taken money from him, among other things including hacking into his social media accts etc.
    She stays calm and says less than he does, but note mostly when she does say anything, its about sex because she can distract him with sex.
    That is not what he is angry about, but watch how even in his anger about something else..he says..something to the effect of how impressive she is when it comes to sex.
    I hope every person who is involved with someone like her or a loved one can see this because it is so could save a life. Needless to say, she murdered him just a week or 2 after this.

    1. Marie, I agree with both of your comments. When thinking of how Arias operated, I think of how Travis received those messages, in emails, texts, phone conversations and in person. While interactions with Arias had to be difficult for Travis, his own disbelief, likely, was in confusion. Here he has someone who speaks and writes one way, acts a specific way in front of others and perhaps with quirky statements that leave others wondering – yet appears on the opposite end of the spectrum to him. I think Arias spent a lot of time manipulating situations to avoid if not dampen Travis exposing her….until he unleashed his thoughts. I cannot blame him, I firmly feel he was within his right. This was not verbal abuse to me, I think Arias was/is everything he said she was and then some. So many wonder, how can someone be like Arias? Those who cannot conceive of being and doing as she did, I can only hope they maintain that feeling to be able to recognize that something/someone is terribly off center.

  4. Travis Alexander never “loved” his killer. She stalked and murdered him because the best she could ‘get’ was fbuddy casual sex. No “tumultuous relationship” at all- thats the lie of the DT toward the jury…. adult casual sex was the only thing between victim and his killer. She stalked and murdered him because of REJECTION.Period.

    1. I always thought that too until I read in his own words on more than one occasion that he does in fact claim to love her.

      1. I think that Travis’s meaning of love was more universal. I do not think he loved her in the manner of wanting spend the rest of his life with her.

      2. You’re exactly correct! So why the fu&& did she kill him?? This makes no sense! It’s almost as if she was on a mission to kill anyone who “dared” love her.

      3. Snicklefritz,

        Agree, I don’t feel Travis wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Perhaps he’d considered it, but I got the impression he’d never mentioned it to Arias. I’ve never believed he ever asked her either.

    1. The pauses between her responses are chilling! Yes, she knew her gig was up. There would be no more fooling Travis, and subsequently everybody else in his life.

      1. So so so true. The pausing, it was chilling! Calculating, hanging on his every word, looking for an ‘in’ and it came…when he agreed to talk on the phone. Her words, unknown, just as she so slyly manipulated in emails and texts, as a set-up. I think Arias operated like that with every single male that she coaxed. I think her family experienced the same form of lies and manipulations.

        Remember the interview with Arias’ father, with Det. Flores? He said of his own daughter that she would scream at “his wife.” His wife…not her “mother.” There’s a reason Arias couldn’t go back home…she lived as a nomad.

    2. Bingo. He was on to her. That once in your life, tell the truth – he wanted that, I don’t think his demand unreasonable and I don’t think the truth, had she given all of it, would have redeemed her in his eyes. It was over, she knew that…and he would pay.

  5. Notice how she also uses a variety of responses. There’s surprised innocence, there’s couched flirtation, there’s ‘poor me’, there’s the empty, reflexive (meaningless) ‘I’m sorry’. There’s limited confession. There’s also lots of lies and denials (“I’m not a violent person” etc) But here’s a thought. Jodi entrapped Travis with the ‘sex tape recording’. Was this possibly an attempt by Travis to do the same? Remember, if he could get Jodi to admit to slashing his tires she’d be liable for criminal prosecution, something real Travis’ could hold over her, if he wasn’t already. Another thing haunting the narrative is Jodi owes Travis a shit-ton of money for the car he sold her. It’s also interesting how Jodi herself uses the words ‘bitter’ and resentful’ to describe her own feelings. And don’t forget HATE. Repeated and in all caps. No doubt, there was some honesty from Jodi here too. And as we now know, some pretty ugly stuff hiding behind those words.

  6. Does anyone know if the stolen Travis journal was recovered within Jodi’s stuff by police when she was arrested?

  7. This G Chat is exactly what I knew it would be. Anyone catch where he said if you wanted my password why not ask? I thought on the stand she said they willing gave each other passwords. Then, when she said it will all be clear soon to Travis. He should’ve called the police but probably thought she was again hinting at suicide. It was very chilling. I’ve always maintained that her premeditation started in April when she moved back to Yreka. The phone sex tape on May 10th same thing

    One thing I’m not clear about. How did Jodi know in advance all the roommates would be out of town? Maybe she stopped recording at that part of their conversation. All I know is on May 10th on that tape she tells Travis…..she’s going to Utah. He asked her twice why….chilling

  8. I just realized something. See how frustrated we all are when discussing and dissecting Jodi and her every word? Same thing Juan and Flores went through all the way up to her sentencing when the fog finally lifted

    Can we now all imagine how Travis didn’t smash his head through a wall? How did he put up with her verbal gymnastics????

  9. Travis sadly misjudged Jodi. From start to finish. He even stated to his friends that she couldn’t hurt a fly. Boy was he mistaken. He was mentally not a match for her. The woman is a severe psychopath. More so than anyone else I have ever. Known or heard of for that matter. Travis played dearly for all of his encounters and transgressions involving Jodi.

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