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DOCUMENTARY:  Dateline:  Robert Durst The Lost Years

DOCUMENTARY:  Dominick Dunne’s Power Privilege and Justice:  Billionaire on The Run

DOCUMENTARY:  Mugshots:  Robert Durst – Mogul in Murder Mystery

RADIO INTERVIEW:  Matt Birkbeck “A Deadly Secret” author speaks with Doug Miles

SPECIAL REPORT:  FOX NEWS:  My Quest for Justice


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[August 1] Prosecutor’s Grilling Upsets Witness in Durst Murder Hearing

[July 27] Witness Distances Herself from Previous Strong Testimony

[July 26] What is was really like to be a juror in the Robert Durst trial

[July 25] One of Robert Dust’s ‘Closest, Dearest Friends’ Testifies Against Him

[July 24] Robert Durst Attacked Pal Before Wife’s Disappearance 

[July 5] Friends are Ordered to Testify 

[June 14] They Know Robert Durst the Best.  But They’re Not Talking.

[May 4] PEOPLE:  Robert Durst’s Second Wife Helped Conceal Murder of First Wife, Lawsuit Alleges:  ‘Cold Blooded Opportunist’

[May 2] ROLLING STONE:  Inside Secret Witness’s ‘Country-Porn’ Past 

[April 27] New ‘Secret Witness’ Boosts State’s Case in Durst Murder Trial

[April 27] Lynda Obst Testified in Robert Durst Murder Case

[April 26] PEOPLE:  Pre-Trial Witness Says Slain Friend Warned Her About Robert Durst:  ‘If Anything Ever Happens to Me, Bobby Did It’

[April] Robert Durst’s Wife Officially Declared Dead After 35 Years

[Feb 19] NY Times:  Buzzing Reporters and a Mystery Witness:  Scenes from the Durst Hearing

[Feb 18] CRIME HUNTER:  My Flight with Robert Durst

[Feb 17] Durst’s Wife Hits Tenants with $10M Defamation Suit

[Feb 17] Secret Witness Defends Account of Murder Confession

[Feb 17] “I’m a Professional Liar,” Key Witness Once Told Prosecutors in Recorded Call

[Feb 17] NY Times: Lawyer Says Robert Durst’s Former Friend Concocted His Story of a Confession

[Feb 17] Why Prosecutors Fear for Witnesses’ Life

[Feb 16] Robert Durst Confessed to Killing His Missing Wife, Friend Testifies 

[Feb 16] Durst Admitted to Friend That He Killed His Wife

[Feb 16] Wife Was Afraid of Him, Longtime Friend Claims

[Feb 16] Secret Witness testifies Durst’s wife feared The Jinx subject

[Feb 15] ABC:  Mystery Witness Once Close Friend of Durst and Slain Victim

[Feb 14] Hearing Focuses on Mystery of 1982 Phone Call

[Feb 14] Witness Points to Motive in Murder Trial

[Feb 14] A 35-year-old phone call to one witness may play a key role in Durst murder case; next, a secret witness will testify

[Feb 11] Murder in Beverly Hills 

[Feb 11] Durst attorneys agree to preliminary hearing October 17

[Feb 6] Friend of Durst’s alleged victim is certain he’ll be convicted

[Feb 5] 35 Years Later, Sister in Durst Case is Still Looking for Answers

[Jan 25] What Robert Durst said he meant when he told lawyers ‘I kill a lot’

[Jan 6] Prosecutors Can Take Early Testimony from Witnesses They Say Could Die or be Killed

[Jan 6] Bloomberg:  Your Scorecard for the Durst Trial

[Jan 6] Robert Durst Poses a Threat to Witnesses in His Murder Trial, Prosecutor Says

[Jan 5] Susan Berman:  Mafia Child, Murder Victim


[Dec 29] Prosecutors Say ‘Frail’ Durst May Try to Kill Witnesses in his Murder Trial

[Dec 26] Mobster’s Daughter, Writer, Murder Victim: Woman at Center of Durst Trial

[Dec 21] VIDEO:  Part 1 of Evidentiary Hearing 12/21/16

[Dec 21] VIDEO:  Part 2 of Evidentiary Hearing 12/21/16

[Dec 21] Durst Appears in Court

[Dec 21] Witnesses in Durst Murder Trial Terrified of Eccentric Killer

[Dec 20] Robert Durst Says his Life Expectancy is Five Years

[Dec 20] Robert Durst’s Interview with Investigators Released 

[Dec 19] Transcript of Durst’s Interview with Prosecutors

[Dec 17] Robert Durst Said Giving Details About Missing Wife Would be “Pleading Guilty”

[Dec 16] Robert Durst Says He Was High on Meth During Taping of The Jinx

[Dec 9] Durst Suggests He Would Accept Plea Deal in 2015 Interview

[Nov 8]  Robert Durst Pleads Not Guilty in 16-Year-Old L.A. Murder Case

[Nov 7] NY Times:  Durst Pleads Not Guilty in 2000 Murder Case

[Sept 30] Robert Durst in Process of Being Transferred to Indiana Prison

[August 24] Medical Complications Delaying Durst’s Extradition on Murder Charges  

[August 23] Lifetime is Making a Robert Durst Movie

[July 14] Family of Robert Durst’s First Wife Asks Court to Declare Her Dead 

[July 4] NY Times:  Friends of First Wife Requests Asks Court to Declare Her Dead

[April 27] NY Times:  Transfer to LA-area Prison Approved

[April 27] After Sentencing, Robert Durst Tells the Times:  ‘I Didn’t Kill Susan Berman’

[April 27] VIDEO: NY Times:  Lawyer Says Durst Did Not Kill Berman

[Feb 3]  Robert Durst Likely to Face LA Murder Charge After Guilty Plea to Gun Charge    

[Feb 3] NY Times:  Durst Pleads Guilty in Gun Case

[Jan 30] DOCUMENTARY:  48 Hours:  “Murder 90210”


[Dec 22] NY Times:  Robert Durst to be Extradited

[Dec 11] NY Times:  Durst Dynasty’s Rise, a Scion’s Descent

[Nov 30] NY Times:  Family of First Wife Sues Durst for $100M

[Nov 4] NY Times:  Ex-Prosecutor [Pirro] Details Case in New Book

[Oct 31] Who the Hell Would Marry Robert Durst?

[Oct 15] NY Times:  Suit Claims Ex-Prosecutor [Pirro] Disregarded Truth and Accuracy in Book

[Oct 7] NY Times:  Durst’s Effort to Dismiss Evidence in Gun Case Rejected

[Sept 21] The King of Cold Cases is Taking on The Jinx’s Robert Durst 

[May 20] The Secret Connection Between Robert Durst and Morris Black

[May 1] Woman who sent Durst cash denies ‘romantic’ links to murder suspect

[May 1] Robert Durst had a Mistress

[April 9] NY Times:  Durst Pleads Not Guilty to Weapons Charges

[April 8] NY Times:  Durst Indicted on Gun Charges in New Orleans

[April 5] Durst Biographer, Matt Birkbeck, on What The Jinx Got Wrong

[April 2] NY Times:  Durst Lawyers Want to Call Agents Who Arrested Him as Witnesses

[March 31] Durst’s Wife Takes a Step Back After Years of Defending Him

[March 31] Everything We Know about Durst’s Second Wife, Debrah Lee Charatan

[March 30] VIDEO:  WDSU News: Legal Experts Discuss Durst Murder Case

[March 28] Woman Who Inspired The Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’ Once Dated Robert Durst

[March 28] VIDEO:  ABC News:  Durst Denied Bail in New Orleans – Details About His Arrest

[March 28] VIDEO:  “HCCLA Reasonable Doubt – Judge Susan Criss & Brian Wice (Robert Durst)”

[March 24] NY Times:  For Durst Family Arrest Brings Tremendous Relief

[March 24] Robert Durst’s Wife Debrah was a ‘Lean In’ Poster Girl of the 1980s

[March 24] VIDEO:  Crimetime Show:  Letter Evidence, The Jinx and The Case for Murder

[March 23] NY Times:  Durst Denied Bail, Flight Risk

[March 21] VIDEO:  Dateline:  Robert Durst’s Alleged Trail of Crimes

[March 21] If Durst Case Goes to Trial, Three Skilled Litigators Will Square Off

[March 20] A Look Inside Robert Durst’s Home Life with Second Wife

[March 20] Dick DeGuerin Speaks about Durst’s Legal Situation

[March 20] VIDEO:  CNN:  Texas Judge discussing finding cat’s head 

[March 20] Robert Durst Left a Cat’s Severed Head on my Doorstep, Claims Texas Judge Who Presided Over His Acquittal In 2003 Murder

[March 20] NY Times:  Authorities Seize Personal Papers From a Hudson Valley Cellar

[March 19] Los Angeles Handwriting Experts in Robert Durst Murder Case Messed Up:  Warrant Papers

[March 18] VIDEO:  Alan Dershowitz discusses if Robert Durst sealed his fate with “Kill them all” confession?

[March 18] Robert Durst is Not a “True Psychopath” but Childhood Trauma Could Provide Answers

[March 18] VIDEO:  HLN:  Nancy speaks to Ellen Strauss, friend of Kathleen 

[March 18] VIDEO:  CNN:  The mysterious disappearance of Robert Durst’s first wife…

[March 17] The literary life (and death) of Susan Berman

[March 17] VIDEO CLIP:  Inside Edition’s “Who Would Marry Murder Suspect Robert Durst?”

[March 17] NY Times:  Durst Sibling Recounts Violent Ripples Below a Charming Surface

[March 16] How Did Robert Durst Chop Up a Body and Not Get Convicted for Murder?

[March 16] Director of Durst Film Says He Is ‘Relieved’ About Arrest

[March 16] Judge Who Presided Over Robert durst Acquittal in Texas Murder:  ‘He’s Very Dangerous’

[March 16] A Timeline of Robert Durst’s Life and Alleged Crimes

[March 16] NY Times:  Durst, saying he was worried, fled to familiar refuge before his arrest

[March 16] NY Times:  Irresistible TV, but Durst Film Tests Ethics Too

[March 16] VIDEO: NY Times:  Robert Durst Says He ‘Killed Them All’

[March] The Knot:  What You Don’t Know about Robert Durst’s Wedding to Second Wife Debrah

[Feb 6] NY Times:  Chopping Up the Body, Then Walking

[Feb 2] VIDEO:  Charlie Rose: The makers of The Jinx speak

[Jan 30] Douglas Durst Says Brother Lies About Mother’s Death in HBO Show

[Jan 3] NYC Real-Estate Mogul: My Killer Brother is a Dog-Slaying Monster

[Jan 2] Real Estate Chief Fears Troubled Sibling Has New Weapon:  TV


[Dec 11] NY Times:  Robert Durst, Troubled Scion of Real Estate Acquitted of Trespassing

[Dec 1] NY Times:  Stranger Than Fiction, Try Fact


[Aug 16] NY Times:  New Charge for Durst as FBI Sifts His Past


[Aug 29] NY Times:  A Peaceful Penthouse that Turmoil Calls Home


[Dec 2] NY Times:  Assorted Acts of Betrayal Among the Moneyed and Dysfunctional

[Nov 24] NY Times:  That’s Me On Screen But I Still Didn’t Do It


[Feb 7] NY Times:  Durst Severs Ties to Family In Return for $65 Million


[Oct 15] NY Times:  Durst Arrested in Weapons Case on Eve of His Release in Texas

[Sept 10] NY Times:  Durst May Gain His Release Temporarily

[Feb 18] New indictment follows millionaires acquittal

[Feb 13] NY Times: Metro Briefing: New York: More Charges for Durst

[Feb 4] Logs Show Juror Met With Durst Five Times in Jail


[Dec 4] NY Times: Metro Briefing: New York: $2 Billion Bond Set for Durst

[December] The Today Show:  Jurors Talk

[Nov 16] Behind Durst Acquittal:  A Defense Team that Almost Wasn’t

[Nov 13] NY Times: After Durst’s Acquittal, Fears of Revenge

[Nov 12] NY Times:  Durst Verdict Tied to Local Mores and a Shrewd Defense

[Nov 12] NY Times:  New York City Real Estate Heir is Acquitted of Murder in Texas 

[Nov 7] NY Times:  Investigators in 2 Other Cases Await Verdict in Durst Trial

[Nov 3] NY Times:  Murder Case Against Durst is Set to go to Texas Jury

[Oct 24] NY Times:  Durst Calls a Shooting an Accident, Not Murder

[Oct 23] NY Times:  Durst Tells Murder Case Jury of His Life on the Run

[Sept 28] Terrified Brother Feared Killer Visit From Durst

[Sept 28] NY Times:  So Many Black Sheep, Out in the Cold

[Sept 23] NY Times:  Durst Claims Self-Defense at Trial in Death of Drifter

[Sept 20] NY Times:  For Heir Accused of Killing, a Loyal and Tough Ally

[Aug 25] NY Times:  Jury Selection to Begin for Trial of Real Estate Heir in Drifter’s Murder


[March 28] NY Times:  Durst’s Lawyer Says Killing in Texas was in Self-Defense

[Feb 7] NY Times:  Pirro Fights Back Against Durst Lawyers

[Feb 3] NY Times:  Jeanine Pirro’s Pursuit

[Feb 1] NY Times:  Durst Defense Says Pirro Hounds Him

[February] Texas Monthly:  Durst Case ScenariosTexas Monthly:  Durst Case Scenarios

[Jan 26] NY Times:  Durst Waives Extradition to Texas Trial in Murder

[Jan 17] NY Times:  Metro Brief: New York: Heir Caught with Contraband


[Dec 22] NY Times:  Heir Divorced His Missing Wife 11 Years Ago

[Dec 7] NY Times:  On the Run with a Fugitive: Tales of Aliases and Disguises

[Dec 6] NY Times:  Police Detail Durst’s Travels While He Was on the Run

[Dec 4] NY Times:  Extradition Hearing for Durst is Delayed

[Dec 2] NY Times:  Millionaire Fugitive Has Been Caught, but Mysteries Remain

[Dec 1] NY Times:  Shoplifting Charge Ends U.S. Manhunt for Real Estate Heir

[Oct 25] NY Times:  Durst Not Suspect in the Death of a Friend from Los Angeles

[Oct 21] NY Times:  A Two-Decade Spiral Into Suspicion; Long After Wife Disappears, Heir Vanishes after Texas Murder

[Oct 17] NY Times:  Durst Jumps Bail, and a Nationwide Dragnet is on

[Oct 13] NY Times:  Realtor’s Heir is Investigated in 2 Killings

[Oct 12] NY Times:  Man is Accused of Murder, but Not the Long-Suspected One

[Oct 11] NY Times:  Arrest in Texas Murder Case May Have a New York Angle

[March 6] Reopened Mystery:  A woman’s disappearance is still baffling after 19 years

[February] The New Yorker:  Who Killed the Gangster’s Daughter


[Nov 11] NY Times:  Disappearance Under Scrutiny After 18 Years


VIDEO:  Susan Berman on Vegas and the Mob


[Feb 13] Win bolsters high esteem for DeGuerin [a profile]

[January] Texas Monthly:  The Great Defenders [Dick DeGuerin]


[Feb 11] VIDEO:  Seymour Durst Interview

1982 – 2004

Charley Project profile of Kathleen Durst – missing

1982 – 1992

NY Times:  An Earlier Durst Run on Page 1 


37 Riverside Drive 2
NY Apartment
37 Riverside Drive
NY Apartment
Katonah Train Station
South Salem cottage 2
NY house
South Salem cottage 3
NY house
South Salem cottage 4
NY house
South Salem cottage
NY house
Xenon 2
Xenon Nightclub NY
Xenon Nightclub NY
Xenon 2
Xenon Nightclub NY
Susan Giordano’s house NY
Susan Berman house Los Angeles
Berman house 2
Berman house then and now
Berman house
Berman house
Berman house 3
Berman house interior
Berman house 4
Berman house interior
Berman house and body
Berman house interior and body
Berman crime scene
Berman house interior
Durst house in Galveston

Durst galveston

Back of Durst house in Galveston
Durst childhood home: 27 Hampton Road, Scarsdale, NY
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion 2
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion 3
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion 4
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion 5
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion 6
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion 7
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion 8
Durst childhood home
childhood mansion
Durst childhood home
Bernice Durst
Bernice Durst (Mom)
Seymour Durst (Dad) and NY Real Estate Tycoons
young Robert Durst
Young Bob
Bernice and Bob
Douglas (brother)
Seymour (dad)
Seymour (dad)
Bernice Durst
Bernice and Bob

Bernice Durst article clip

Durst siblings
Thomas, Bob, Douglas and Wendy Durst

Durst high school2

Durst LeHigh Univ 1965
LeHigh University 1965
Emily Altman and Bob
Emily Altman and Bob
Stewart and Emily Altman
Stewart and Emily Altman
Bob with the Altmans
Bob with Altmans
Emily Altman
Emily Altman today
Stewart Altman
Stewart Altman today
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