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Oscar Pistorius was heard weeping inconsolably during his first night in prison.




A source close to the Pistorius family said his legal bill now stands at R17.5 million, and about R10 million is still outstanding.


In a joint interview with husband Barry in the London Times, June said she believed that her daughter knew “in her heart of hearts” that she would not be happy with the volatile and “combustible” double amputee and had decided to end the affair.


The Department of Social Development is seeking legal opinion on the matter of the probation officer employed by the State, Annette Vergeer, who also offered private services to the defence team in the recently ended Oscar Pistorius case.


Carl Pistorius Dodged Charge


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13 Replies to “Oscar Updates”

  1. Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.

    After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.

    – Zen proverb


    In other words, after Transcendence, don’t stop writing the nitty gritty that we all love and love you for!

  2. I keep wondering what the outcome of the trial would have been if Oscar had confessed and pleaded temporary insanity.

    1. My thoughts exactly – could bet, not much more than now, Roux would’ve milked that very well & gotten a very lenient sentence too.
      The ironic thing is – OP might even have kept his reputation/image = his finacial value if he acted humble, honest & as repentant sinner.
      But wait – we will see more of that since NPA just announced that the state WILL appeal.

  3. More work for you, Lisa! 🙂
    I look forward to, you are way the best source available with all the documentation, the documents, the pictures and the links.
    I sincerely hope the next trial will bring the clarity and the justice we all hope for because this trial wasn’t.

    1. Thanks, Alfred 🙂 I appreciate that and look forward to that work! Clarity and justice in more trials, and in all matters of our world, would certainly be refreshing.

      1. I’m not quite sure how you mean that, Lulu. Whatever we do or don’t decide to work on is driven by what means something to us, and that we feel is important to share with others. I think we’ve both been sincere about that.

  4. Lisa, I haven’t been back for awhile. Thank goodness I came in here and saw your comment to my reply: “NPA appeal: Hey, you and Nick get to write another book!”

    I was surprised by what you said and, for a minute, wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Rereading my reply a few times, I realized that if you weren’t inside my head when I wrote my comment, it could be misinterpreted as a snarky comment.

    In fact, I meant quite the opposite! Let me try it, again:

    “Hey, we (members of the Juror13 Fan Club) are SO lucky that there’s an appeal because maybe we’ll get to read another fabulous book that, hopefully, Nick and Lisa will write about it!”

    1. Thanks, Lulu! That really means a lot to me 🙂 I was bummed when I thought that you were being flip. I’m so relieved to hear that I misinterpreted your message 🙂 Chat more soon

      1. Lisa, I’m a HUGE fangirl. No matter what I EVER write, default to interpreting it in a positive light and you’ll always be correct!! 🙂

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