An excerpt from OBSCURITY: Jodi Arias. The final book in the 6 part series.

From the chapter:JA6

Jodi’s Triumph

On the way to Mesa what was Jodi thinking, for hours on end? I’m killing Travis; this is the first day of the rest of my life. I’m getting me some payback and then I’m going to make sure I live happily ever after…

She was described the same way on the day after the killing as before.  She was fine. Injured finger and all, Jodi looked fine. Why? Because she’s a karma-karma-karma-karma-Chameleon. And why shouldn’t she be, because for once in Jodi’s life she actually felt significant. She finally had the power. She finally recognized herself in the mirror.


If you think this psychology, of killing someone else in order to buy more life for yourself, or as a way of giving yourself a stronger sense of yourself; if you think that’s rare, it’s not. Bullies do it at school; celebrities do it all the time. Someone thrives at the expense of someone else. Often there must be a victim in order for there to be a hero.   valkyrie

This is why Hitler needed a scapegoat, why he needed to blame shit on someone and made himself the saviour of Germany. Hitler made the Jews his scapegoats. A short little insecure man who had sex with young girls and needed to build his legacy on the corpses of millions. That’s how he made himself into more of a man. That’s how he intended to escape social death, or death itself, and insignificance. Jodi’s murder of Travis was cruel exactly because she needed to feel her supremacy over him. She needed him to hurt, to beg, to scream, so that she could feel strong, dominant, in control, superior. And yes, all this made her feel not obscure, not lost, not pathetic – SIGNIFICANT!

AZ 4

I’ve often wondered what Jodi was thinking about while driving those hundreds of miles, eventually thousands of miles, alone through the desert. I’ve made that trip from Southern California to Phoenix, back and forth a few times, and in the middle of nowhere you have nothing but your thoughts. It’s solitude. On her way there…


OBSCURITY is available now on Amazon.   All you need to read it is the Kindle Reading App, which can be used on almost all PCs and smart devices.

What do you think Jodi was thinking about on her drive through the desert to kill Travis and then back?  Share your thoughts!

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