7 Replies to “Oscar Pistorius New Crime Scene Pics”

  1. Amazing how first shot hit her where she was standing close to the door, and next 3shots perfectly aimed at where the magazine rack was. He had to have heard her fall against the magazine rack.
    Interesting how OP says the he heard the wood noise and THEN he fired 4shots, when clearly you can see he fired 1shot at her standing close to the door, and then he fired directly at the magazine rack x3. Then he sort of muddies it a bit by saying the magazine rack was always placed to the right, trying to show that if he DID hear the magazine rack, well then he would have aimed towards the right. A magazine rack would be ideally within reach of one sitting on a toilet, you wouldn’t, want to have to get up off the toilet to reach a magazine, so it does not make sense that it would be placed to the right of the toilet wall. Thanks for putting up these photos. The more we see the clearer everything becomes.

    1. It is mind-boggling that OP actually thinks his tailoring on the stand is believable. You are spot on with your post about him aiming and the position of the magazine rack! Writing this blog and using pictures as I go along has really painted the picture for me as well. I’m glad you find it useful! 🙂 Although we will never know all of the details of what happened on Feb 13/14, I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that he intentionally shot her that early morning. I just see it clear as day. It’s not based on emotion, it’s not a hunch… it’s an extremely well laid out case (thanks to Nel) of his intention to shoot her. Not an intruder… Reeva.

  2. The window is low – OP could see there was no ladder at the window, could hear his guard dogs were not barking, could see the door handle was not moving …

    1. Nel was spot on when he questioned OP why he didn’t just look out the window to see if there was a ladder. There is no other possible way for an intruder to get in that window. OP testified about how he carefully crept down the passageway and how he crept in to the bathroom, constantly aware that somebody could pop out at him. But the next obvious place to look – THE source of entry – is not examined.

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