My journey to the Jodi Arias Trial

On Monday, March 2, 2015, I traveled to Phoenix for day 3 of deliberations in the Jodi Arias trial.  Below are some pictures and videos from that journey. Map Indio nearing Buckeye AZ entering AZ Phx rest stop 2 Phx rest stop 3 Phx rest stop 4 Phx rest stop 5 Phx rest stop     Spring Hill Suites Phx Room Room 2 Phx in the distance court 2 Court 3 Court 4 Court 5 court elevators Court 6 Court 7plaque Sheriff JoeNear courthouse court 1 Steven   familygroup 3 Jen from The Trial Diaries Cathy from Court Chatter and Paul the 13th Juror               The trip home along the 10 West from Phoenix to Orange County AZ sunrise 2 AZ sunrise AZ 2 AZ 3 AZ 4 AZ 5 AZ 6 CA CA 2 CA 3 CA 4 CA 5

4 Replies to “My journey to the Jodi Arias Trial”

  1. Thank You for your tweets/coverage!!! Appreciate it! I enjoy your r comfortable style also.

    We all know stabby deserves the DP. And hopefully you’ll be the one to tell me that the Alexanders wish of punishment has become reality!

    *get your drink on*
    Amy 😉

  2. Lisa!

    You’re on video! How cool is THAT!!!!

    As I’m writing this, word just came through about the mistrial.


    I guess it HAS to be retried yet again, yes?

    This could on forever.

    These comments rather mirror the jury. Amy, above, writes, “Everyone knows [Jodi] deserves the DP. ”

    In fact, I oppose the DP, unconvinced that death is the worst punishment.

    Thanks for being there and keeping us posted.

    You’re GORGEOUS, by the way!

    1. No more penalty retrials, this was the 2nd one. So Arias’ will receive life in prison for her premeditated murder conviction. They go back to court in one month and the Judge will let her know if that will be life without parole, or the poss of parole in the future. Arizona doesn’t have parole so it’s a bit of a moot point… although, if at some point in the future that changes, it could be of concern. I don’t see any way possible this judge would give parole. It’s extremely unlikely given the heinous nature of this crime.

      There was only one hold out for life – everyone else wanted death from the beginning of deliberations. There’s cause for concern that this hold out juror had her mind made up way before deliberations. It’s pretty troubling some of the details that are coming out. I’m so very sad for the Alexander family. They are devastated and have been suffering for years. It’s really awful.

      I have more stuff to post, just trying to keep up with multiple things going on right now. I have more stuff to post from my trip to Phx on Monday, plus other things too. Oh btw, I also do not support the death penalty for multiple reasons. But truth be told, if the jury had sentenced Jodi to death, it wouldn’t have bothered me. Mainly because I know it’s what the family wanted. I know that’s hypocritical but admit that’s my emotional side speaking, not my logical side.

      Hope all is well. Have a good night.

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