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An excerpt from OBSCURITY: Jodi Arias. The final book in the 6 part series.

From the chapter: Jodi’s Triumph On the way to Mesa what was Jodi thinking, for hours on end? I’m killing Travis; this is the first day of the rest of … Continue reading

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Excerpt from OBSCENITY: Jodi Arias

The Obscenity of Pain A major recipe for unhappiness is constantly comparing oneself unfavorably to others.  Just comparing oneself to others is a recipe for unhappiness.  It’s an existence that’s … Continue reading

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Excerpt #2 from VANITY

From the chapter: History is a Nightmare from which I’m Trying to Awaken  “It is the disconnect between dreams and reality that causes the wishes of the past to swell … Continue reading

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First Review of VANITY

VANITY: Jodi Arias– Is a must read for anyone who followed this tragic case! By Paige on May 27, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition VANITY is one of the most comprehensive … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from VANITY – Book #4 in the Jodi Arias Series

From the Chapter: Bad Boy, Bad Girl While Travis is sexting with his buddy Maria, and hoping that Mimi says yes to Cancun, there’s something more ominous going on with … Continue reading

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April 13, 2015

Today was a good day. Which seems like an incredibly odd thing to say when it’s in reference to the sentencing of a killer.  Even though we came here in unity to see that justice … Continue reading

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The End of Her Story

Ten hours from now, Jodi will begin her journey to Perryville.  And I’ve just concluded my journey, at least half of it, from California.  There wasn’t a moment of my drive … Continue reading

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Excerpt #2 from MENDACITY

An excerpt from the chapter titled With Deepest Sympathy and Humble Sincerity – an interrogation of Jodi’s letter to the Alexander family, July 28, 2008. Jodi:  “There wasn’t any kind … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from MENDACITY: Jodi Arias: Secret Witness

The following is an excerpt from the chapter The 17th Juror: Claudia claimed she didn’t remember Martinez from her first husband’s trial.  Do you believe that? Here’s what she said … Continue reading

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MENDACITY: Jodi Arias: Secret Witness

MENDACITY is a follow-up to the bestselling AUDACITY. It deals with our failures – as a society, and as individuals – to be honest not only towards one another, but even … Continue reading

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