Excerpt #2 from FOOL’S GOLD: The State vs Steven Avery

From the chapter A Second Wrongful Arrest?

Avery’s position is that “there ain’t nothing there, so why are they gonna find anything.”  He’s quite confident, isn’t he, which begs the question, how can he be so certain there’s nothing to find?  Has Avery been working hard to cover his tracks over the past few days? 

Steven 2

“All I can think is they’re trying to railroad me again.”

The police conduct an 8-day search.  They’re not sure what they’re looking for, or where to look.  The Averys are asked to leave their property while the search continues.  While Steven is concerned he’s being framed, the irony is the police want the crime scene sealed for the same reason.  Now imagine Avery knew about Halbach’s keys in his trailer [which a cursory search wouldn’t pick up, and didn’t] or that Avery had stashed the number plates [which a cursory search wouldn’t pick up]; now that the police are doing an intensive search he must know he’s going to be busted.  So he’s already forestalling his arrest by putting it out there that there’s a conspiracy against him.  If there’s a conspiracy, why are the police taking almost two weeks to figure out what the fuck is going on?


Besides this, had the police allowed Avery to stay in the Junkyard during their search, and if Avery still had the key to Halbach’s vehicle, can we imagine he wouldn’t try to get rid of it?

When Sheriff Pagel is asked by reporters about the order of appointments [who Halbach saw last] Pagel is obtuse: “We’re narrowing in on that.”  To the question ‘who was the last person to see [Halbach] alive’ Pagel gives the same answer.

Of course Sheriff Pagel knows the last appointment was Steven Avery, but he’s determined to remain neutral.  Pagel is so neutral though he’s actually protecting Avery.  But the media smell blood on Avery’s hands, and they should.


Next the Averys tell the media they’re feeling victimised by the police, and feel like the police don’t believe what they’re saying and are calling them liars.  Really?  I thought we just saw Pagel protecting Avery?  In an Action2 news clip we see Steven Avery sitting with Brendan Dassey at a kitchen table, while Avery’s mother hovers around in the kitchen.  Avery and Dassey are thick as thieves, trying to make sure they’ve both got their stories straight.  Brendan…

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