Journey to South Africa – Day 11, November 23 – Robberg and Tsitsikamma

Somehow we managed to get some sleep last night even though it was cold and we had to use pillows and extra shirts for blankets.   We spend the morning just hanging out and enjoying the beach.  We’ve made a seagull buddy we named Fred who hangs out with us a bit before our trek back.

2015-12-06 16.20.16

I’m not exactly doing cartwheels about the hike back this morning.  Still sore from yesterday, my thighs are on fire as we make it over the first hill. But I’m also on a mission now because I’m pissed off that it was hard the day before.  I quietly remind myself not to focus on the pain but enjoy the experience and of course, the surroundings, which I do.

I’m once again in awe of the beauty of this place as we pass by caves and cliffs and flowers.  I don’t want to leave.

There’s one particularly gnarly spot up a narrow stone walkway that you have to hoist yourself up to, and once I do [aside from doing my little happy dance] I feel like I have a better groove.  At least I know what to expect on the way back, which to some extent does make the hike easier.  We make our way to the top, and now we’re looking out over the other side – the side where we stayed at Sea Breeze just a few days before.

View to Sea Breeze

We get in our car and head off to the Peppermill Cafe for some lunch.  At this point, it’s been 14 hours since we’ve last eaten and we’re both so hungry we could eat a horse.

The Peppermill is a place that was recommended to us by Nick’s contact at Plett Tourism.  The owner, also named Nick, was a chatty guy who treated us to fish and chips in turn for some pictures and shout outs on social media.   The food and drinks were very tasty and it felt good to just relax in the sun and enjoy some coffee.

Our journey along the Garden Route continues, with our next step being Tsitsikamma.  Before we get to our destination, Misty Mountain Reserve, we stop off at what’s known as the “Big Tree”.  It’s a yellowwood that’s estimated to be a thousand year old.  Nick and I discuss what this tree has seen over the years and all the things it knows that we don’t.

The rest of the drive to the reserve is through farmland.  We drive down the dirt road past tractors and fields of cows.  The first thing we see as we pull into the property is a peacock.  By the time we get to the parking lot, there are several more peacocks, but these ones are proudly displaying their large plumes of feathers.

After a much needed shower and change of clothes [feeling pretty grungy from the night before] I pick out the nicest dress in my suitcase and we go to the dining room at the reserve with a bottle of red wine in hand.  Later that night I slept like a queen in the pimped out tent.  The chandelier, sunken tub and fine linen sheets would definitely quality this place as “glamping.”

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