Journey to South Africa – Day 4, November 16 – Plettenberg Bay

After breakfast at Oakhurst, we drive on the N2 towards Plettenberg Bay.  As we get closer we can see views of the ocean off to our right.  Dozens of hang gliders jump off the cliff and float in the air.

We stop at the local Spar (grocery store) to stock up on some groceries for our cottage.

I’m pretty blown away by the amount of squatter camps in the area.  A sad reminder, despite the breathtaking scenery, that South Africa suffers from staggering poverty.  They have government housing, which is basically a house the size of a tool shed given to people who can’t afford a home, for free.  Then there are the camps where people make homes out of whatever they can patch together.  These “squatters” can be seen at all hours roaming around, often walking in the middle of the street.

But like many places, there’s always another side to the train tracks.  Just down the street are areas of extraordinary beauty.

One of my favorite spots so far has been Gericke Pointe in Sedgefield.   As soon as we parked, I literally jumped out of the car and hopped in the sand.  It’s that perfect white-beige color, powdery and warm.  The kind you can’t resist sticking your toes in or just laying on all day.

Both of us were so eager to check out the beach that we kinda forgot our belongings were in plain view in our car.  It didn’t dawn on us until much further down the beach.  At that point, we figured screw it, if they’re gonna take our stuff we mine as well enjoy the beach.

Nick ran ahead and took pics from the top of the rock at the point.  I splashed in the water and soaked up some rays.

Afterwards, we continued our drive and arrived at Fynbos Ridge around mid-day.  It’s truly a spectacular place where you feel completely at home.  Liz and Brian Phillips are the owners and they fawn over their guests.  Sparing no details, we arrive to fresh flowers, cookies and wine.  Our cottage has a patio and yard with views for miles.

We spend the first night braaing the meat we bought on the way.



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