Leaked Trailer – Oscar Running on Stumps


For those of you who have not seen it yet, this video trailer was just leaked to the public. It shows Oscar running on his stumps in a re-creation that was filmed by the Defense team (but not used in court).

Considering the Defense team has been utilizing witnesses all week to testify about how immobile Oscar is on his stumps, he needs to hold on to objects to balance himself, and is not able to run, this video is very damaging to their CURRENT defense strategy. Why is it damaging? The Defense wants you to believe that Oscar could not possibly run away if faced with a dangerous situation. He had to stay and fight.

According to Oscar’s story, when he heard the “supposed” noise of the window opening that fateful night, his only logical and physical option was to go towards the danger. He had to fight instead of flight according to his defense experts.

If there were an intruder, could Oscar have made it a few steps across the bedroom and out the door? Or does it seem like retrieving a gun from under the bed, removing the holster and safety, walking down the carpeted passageway, then making a right over the tiled passageway, in to the bathroom to face possible violent intruders was a better option? You watch the video and decide.


UPDATE: The video at the link above has been pulled, but I have found a new link that shows another teaser to the Australian “Sunday Night” program. In this teaser you can hear Oscar yelling “help” as part of the reenactment and in my opinion, he clearly sounds like a man.







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16 Replies to “Leaked Trailer – Oscar Running on Stumps”

    1. I’ve been super busy this past month… Work/family/life… The usual good stuff 🙂

      I’ll finally have some time tomorrow to catch up and to pop in on the boards too. I have missed the interesting chats!

  1. Hello again!
    I was looking forward to your reports and transcripts & checked now and then!
    Concerning the socalled ‘secret’ video – this might be a re-enactment BUT I highly doubt it is REAL footage, actually filmed WITH OP. Since it falls in my field of expertise I’ve got the strong impression, that it is a relativley good animation. Light/shadowns/movements are (very) unnatural & conspicuous.
    I assume this animation was made based on OPs own account PRE-TRIAL and should support his version. Then he changed his evidence on the go & stand – like walking wobbly with ’30 cm-strides’ (Derman) – so the ‘secret video’ wasn’t of use anymore. Still no wonder the defense doesn’t want this public – but if Nel would use it in court they would deny it was base on OPs data before the start of the trial.
    Jusr my 5 cent – look for your insights!
    Greets, Alfred

  2. “Three things that cannot hide for long… The Sun, The Moon and The Truth” Gautama Buddha…

    1. That sucks. I had a feeling it would be pulled. I’ll give you the cliff notes – Oscar can run forward and walk backwards on stumps without holding on to anything.

      1. I get the picture. Thanks 🙂

        Can’t wait for tomorrow’s session. I wouldn’t want to be in Prof Derman’s shoes for all the money in the world ….

  3. Without seeing the video, this argument is so ridiculous, any intelligent judge will see right through it! Of course the best option for a reasonable ‘disabled’ person is that it would be far easier to exit the bedroom at a much shorter distance! but we know that is not what happened, there was NO intruder and there was NO pitch dark room, the fans has never been moved nor where the curtains closed. Oscar saw Reeva running to the toilet screaming in a terrified voice , ready to call for help on her cell phone …he had to stop her…and he did.

  4. If it is the photos above, it would be a very unfair re-enactment of his version and the evidence given:. a. he claims it was pitch dark, b. his right elbow was bent at shoulder height with a gun in his hand and the other hand holding on to the wall for support c. the toilet bowl lid was up when he found Reeva slumped over the toilet her head on her right shoulder over the opened seat of the toilet, as per hair fibers found on the inside of the opened toilet cover C. He had no shirt on, and she had shorts on D. she did not grab him around his neck as he carried her out and down the steps D. The magazine rack’s location is wrong as per photo evidence

    1. I agree that their reenactment does not match what was said, as well as proven, in court. It sounds as if this video was compiled for defense use only and I’m sure they (like many defense teams) played out various scenarios of what works/doesn’t work prior to trial… And in this case, during trial too. In my opinion, they are obviously still trying to find a story that works.

      1. “Trying to find a story that works ….”. Exactly.

        I wonder if any of the defense team has at any stage urged Oscar to tell the glaringly obvious truth? They are all accessories to a brutal murder as far as I’m concerned.

        A friend of mine said that if she were married to Kenny Oldwage, she would probably be on the stand for murder as well 🙂

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