An Excerpt from JUICE III: The State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson

From the chapter, On To Rockingham:

At the same exact time over on Rockingham, O.J. wasn’t answering his buzzer.  We’re going to pick up the evidence trail right here, leaving San Vicente on June 12th, 1994 at 22:50.  From there to Rockingham Avenue it’s approximately a two to three minute drive if you’re hauling ass.

While the Bronco is speeding home Allan Park, an inexperienced limo driver, is waiting outside O.J.’s Rockingham residence. Pay attention to the following facts, because 477 days later [68 weeks and 1 day] the jury would review only one item of evidence – Allan Park’s testimony.

Allan Park


On June 12, 1994, Park had worked for Town and Country Limousine for only three months, having been hired by the owner, Dale St. John, who lived across the street. Being in Southern California, Park had already driven several celebrities, including Garth Brooks, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Faye Dunaway. But when St. John told him to pick up Simpson — the Hall of Fame football player-turned-actor and sports commenter — Park was especially interested. “Of all the people I had driven, I was the most excited about driving him,” Park said. “Just because I’m a big sports fan — I love football. He was an incredible running back.”…Park was supposed to have driven Simpson a couple of previous times, but those trips fell through…

OJ 10

Now at least five minutes must go by between Shively seeing a man in a white Bronco and Park seeing the lights going on at Rockingham.  Half a minute to a minute of that time is spent playing dodgems but going nowhere, two to three minutes are spent getting the Bronco to Rockingham, and another two to three minutes is spent…waiting for the right moment to sneak back inside.

What happens in those six or seven minutes after Shively sees the Bronco is critical to the evidence trail in this trial.  Let’s start following the evidence trail at….


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An Excerpt from JUICE #OJSimpson

From the chapter Hertz:

Prior to Cochran redecorating O.J.’s Rockingham home for the jury walk through, the walls were covered in photographs of O.J. and his white golf buddies.  In one of O.J.’s alibis, Cochran claimed O.J. was playing golf at the time of the murders, and in his book “If I Did It” O.J claims between 22:00 and 23:00 on June 12th he was “chipping balls into his neighbor’s yard.”

OJ celebrating 2

Golf was a big deal for O.J., in fact it was integral to his lifestyle. On the night of the murders, at 23:45 the Juice flew to Chicago for yet another golf outing with Hertz execs. O.J. had enjoyed a long relationship with Hertz; and there had been more than a little water under the bridge over the years between the brand and their beloved black ambassador.  Did Hertz know about previous incidents of abuse between O.J. and Nicole?  You bet they did!  Did they care?  Well, they cared about preserving a lucrative relationship with O.J., and so did O.J.


From the

Soon after O.J. Simpson was charged in January 1989 with assaulting his wife, Nicole, he placed a telephone call to a man in New York who had helped make him a household name. Simpson told Hertz Corp. Chairman Frank Olson that the wife-beating charges were overblown, a Hertz source recalls. The former football hero said he and his wife had too much to drink at a New Year’s Eve party and had gotten into a fight, and that the police had been called.

Nicole Brown Simpson then telephoned the Hertz chairman herself and repeated much the same story. “She told him the same thing O.J. had said, she belittled it and said it was not a big deal and there was nothing to it,” recalled Brian Kennedy, Hertz’s executive vice president of marketing and sales.

OJ and Nicole 5Olson was relieved. Simpson, at that point, had been Hertz’s corporate spokesman for more than a decade. In the public’s mind, O.J. was Hertz. Moreover, Simpson was just then in the middle of contract negotiations….



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