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Verdict – Guilty

Eddie Ray Routh Trial Opening Statements

Dashcam Video from the American Sniper Trial

Eddie Ray Routh Moments After Arrest

CBS News Report about Confession Video

Chris Kyle’s Widow Breaks Down on the Stand and the Chilling Text Message

Chris Kyle’s Memorial at Cowboys Stadium

The 200 Mile Tribute

Nearly 1,000 people say goodbye to Chad Littlefield in Midlothian

January 5, 2012 – Chris Kyle Interview

Chris Kyle Interview with Newsmax

Chris Kyle Interview with TIME Magazine

Chris Kyle on Conan

Taya Kyle Interview with Brian Kilmeade

Taya Kyle visits ‘The Broadcast’

Taya Emotional Speech

Wife of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle speaks out

Jeff Kyle, Brother of American Sniper Chris Kyle

wedding2 with Bubba wedding the kyle family Taya taya and chris memorial2 Taya Kyle and her children walk behind the coffin of her slain husband former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle during a memorial service for the former sniper at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Eddie Routh5 Eddie Routh4 Eddie Routh3 Eddie Routh2 Eddie Routh chriskyle3.JPG chris5 chris4 chris3 chris2 chris chris eddie chris and taya6 chris and taya5 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA chris and taya3 chris and taya chris and kids3 chris and kids2 chris and kids Chris and Chad Chad Littlefield and family bubba2 Bubba Baby Girl baby girl

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