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Excerpt from American Traitor… A Conversation You Shouldn’t Miss.

AMERICAN TRAITOR  was released on February 23.

The book discusses several hard-hitting topics that have been at the forefront of our country’s conversations since Chris Kyle’s book American Sniper was released in 2012.

The senseless murders of Kyle and Littlefield, committed by Routh in 2013, has only deepened the discussion about what it means to be an American in the aftermath of the events of 911.

Eddie Routh3

Who was Eddie Ray Routh?

And who was Chris Kyle?

What are our thoughts about the war on Iraq?

How do we help our veterans suffering from PTSD?


My co-author and I would like to engage you in conversation.  Below is just one excerpt from the chapter, Kyle vs Routh.  Take a look, read our short story, and come back here to share your thoughts.


Via TheNewYorker.com:

‘In the days after Hurricane Katrina, [Chris Kyle] said, the law-and-order situation was dire.  He and another sniper travelled to New Orleans, set up on top of the Superdome, and proceeded to shoot dozens of armed residents who were contributing to the chaos.  Three people shared with me varied recollections of that evening:  the first said that Kyle claimed to have shot thirty men on his own; according to the second, the story was that Kyle and the other sniper had shot thirty men between them; the third said that she couldn’t recall specific details.’

There’s no mention whether Kyle was doing this as a deployment, as a contractor or in his private capacity as self-appointed ‘Punisher’.  It’s also not entirely clear whether either of these stories are in fact true, but the fact that there are two narratives is interesting.  The fact that journalists documented these, including a radio journalist, is interesting.  What’s more interesting though – that the stores are true, or that they’re possibly made up, possibly embellished by Kyle himself?

Via TheNewYorker.com:

‘Perhaps this story, like the one about the gas station, contains a kernel of truth.  Both narratives, however, portray Kyle as if he really were the Punisher, dispensing justice by his own rules.  It was possible to see these stories as evidence of vainglory; it was also possible to see them as attempts by a struggling man to maintain an invincible persona.  Kilbane, having read Kyle’s book, knew about his drinking habits and his battles with combat stress.  Watching Kyle put down pint glass after point glass of whiskey-on-the-rocks, he said, “It made me think there were still demons bouncing around in there.”‘

To read more… click here for a copy.

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