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American Traitor – Eddie Ray Routh

“A traitor is a betrayer – one who practices injury, while professing friendship. ….

An open enemy, however criminal in other respects, is no traitor.” – Lysander Spooner

AMERICAN TRAITOR is about a war hero, perhaps the most celebrated war hero of our time, and the traitor that killed him. The 2014 movie by Clint Eastwood is multi-Academy Award nominated material.

Tragically Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was destroyed not on the battlefield but at home, pretty much in his own backyard by another man – a military man just like him – a marine who couldn’t put battlefields and war zones behind him either.

Was Routh’s insanity his fault, was it the war’s fault, or was it substance abuse that made him see ‘soul sucking pigs’ and demons? Did Eddie Ray Routh simply sell his troubled soul for a Ford 350? And Chris Kyle – having killed 160 combatants in Iraq (including a mother and child) – was it wise to write an account which could have endangered his family, and himself, but is widely reported to be inciting hatred – at home and abroad?

Kyle’s own motto – brazen, confident, some might even say arrogant – now sounds tragically trite given how things ended for ‘The Legend’:
“Despite what your momma told you…violence does solve problems.”

Hard-hitting, grueling, controversial. AMERICAN TRAITOR takes a cold, hard look at Eddie Ray Routh, but also widens its gaze. In its scope – the US Military. How did America’s military missions in Iraq begin?

Chris Kyle was motivated by 9/11 to join the military and get some payback. Kyle took on the role of ‘Punisher’ and ‘bad-ass’, becoming ‘The Legend’ to his military companions, and ‘The Devil of Ramadi’ to his enemies. A bounty was on his head, but despite four tours to Iraq, Kyle survived, and lived to tell his tale. In Kyle’s survival there is heroism, but in his death, we are faced with many uncomfortable questions.

American Traitor cover

AMERICAN TRAITOR reveals in the final chapter a compelling and chilling scenario for what actually happened on the afternoon of February 2, 2013 at Rough Creek Lodge near Stephenville, Texas.

Who was Eddie Ray Routh? What bizarre sequence of events culminated in the murder of two men, one just like him, the other trying to help him. What voice message did Routh leave on Kyle’s phone just hours before killing him? And who was Littlefield, the other victim? Why did Chris Kyle use a comic book vigilante as a logo for his SEAL team, and for Craft International Risk Management (CIRM), a private security company, and what does this tell us about America’s war hero? Are the men who engage in America’s war for profit really patriots, or are they – and are we – simply gullible pawns to an opportunistic government?

AMERICAN TRAITOR interrogates all of these questions, in a story that is likely to agitate and unsettle, because there are no easy answers.

AMERICAN TRAITOR is available on Amazon



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